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About Us


Homeonfilm.com is part of ONfilm, a Ltd company which owns www.1st4film.biz, a highly thought of TV Production operation that produces broadcast quality films for the BBC, ITV, SKY, and a number of high profile clients including the MOD, The British Transport Police, the NHS and many more...

About Us


Homeonfilm.com have been producing high quality video content and web services for estate agents and builders since 2007.

After years of listening to estate agents, we've come up with a product which will not only enhance your brand, but will also raise the profile of your website with google.

What can homeonfilm.com do for your estate agency?

The benefits of using homeonfilm

Nothing gets your message across and showcases your property and the locations you sell and let better than engaging video content. In an ever changing market consumers want to see something 'a little different' when looking to buy, and our job is to encourage buyers to live in the location your promoting and buy the property your selling or letting. Video is now a website necessity as google promotes web pages with video 200 times more !

Firstly, all you need is here. Low cost property tours that encourage viewings, access to hundreds of location films, a branded TV Channel, Facebook with integrated video and its all remote, meaning No Admin!

One cost for all

Homeonfilm won't charge you by the number of branches, it's one cost per business of just £250 plus vat. pcm.

It works seemlessly with Vebra, Dezrez, Expert Agent and many other property software brands

No advertising.
No streaming fees.
No download time waiting for the video to load.

What we offer

We've built the worlds first Facebook Property Search with built in video, and the good news again, No Admin!

As we produce property tours, they are remotely added to facebook, twitter, rightmove and your own website ! Our facebook solution also links back to your domain, It's unique, drives traffic to your website and increases your google ranking.

Free keyword campaign

Every Property tour produced for your company has a built-in "3 Tag Word" campaign, totally free of charge ! Instantly raising the profile of your property listing.

Google optimisation which enhances your listing

Our team of SEO experts are constantly optimising our content so your properties are being found by the right people.

The benefits of a location film

Our experienced TV crews have been filming all around the country to create stunning films of your locations which can be easily incorporated into your property searches, instantly boosting your google ranking.

Our exclusive area films encourage buyers to that location, and they are produced in HD to TV standard.